Born & raised Florida girl

Newlywed to my amazing husband, & police officer

College graduate in Digital Media & Web Design

Aspiring novelist - 1st fiction-fantasy novel in the works since 2009 [pending publication]

Passion for photography, blogging, painting, design & writing


Since April 2017, I am officially a full time Lifestyle Blogger for theMRSingLink (TML).


First things first - my sole focus of TML is on marriage, relationships and dating. I met my husband through Online Dating in 2012 (thank you, Plenty of Fish), where our journey together began. But as a former online dater of nearly 4 years, it's become my passion in supporting and giving those insight on the dating game, creating and maintaining healthy relationships and striving for fulfillment in the commitment of marriage. I'm not saying things have to be perfect, but embracing our imperfections in a commitment and in ourselves are continually an uphill battle. Sometimes we all just need that extra lending hand. 

But as a Lifestyle blogger smack dab in the middle of one of the most popular destinations in the US - yay, Florida - I want to share that part of my life with you through travel adventures, marriage wisdoms, recipes, DIY inspirations, and simply how to live and love the best version of yourself! 

Let's live this crazy thing called Life together!