I'm a woman trying to solve her glitch & find my place in life

Newlywed to my amazing husband, & police officer

College graduate in Web Design

Passion for photography, blogging, painting, designing & writing


Back in 2009, a period in my life provoked me into writing a novel, which for the last 6 years has developed into a sequel & a very sacred part of my life. I have yet to publish that novel, but maybe one day.

So my love for writing then grew into an aspiration for photography when my parents gave me an ornate camera one Christmas. Ever since, I've been perfecting my skills in hopes to one day turn it into a little side business.

Then, to be honest, I can't even remember what triggered this fiery passion for starting a blog - it was just realizing I could combine the two very things I loved & one ProBlogger book later, then BAM; I knew I needed to fulfill this sudden, crazy dream. It was like I found my calling - this is what I was meant to do in my life. 

I have a college degree in Web Design, but that's not even the part to brag about. I taught myself code when I was TWELVE. With that, a lot of knowledge and experience goes hand in hand with media platforms, the Ins and Outs of SEO, graphics design & the language behind the screens.


Now since April 2017, I am officially a full time Lifestyle Blogger for theMRSingLink. So welcome!

My ultimate goal for theMRSingLink is to give every ounce of insight, from my perspective, to the young women of the world. I am introverted-extroverted, artistic, and a realist with the passion for everything in which makes up my lifestyle. That goes hand in hand with cooking and baking, travel adventures, everything DIY and decorating, modern dating from a former (successful) online dater, a personal guide through relationships, a growing, prospering marriage, beauty inside and out, and every in between life has to offer.

Join the bandwagon, because I want every woman to have a voice, an opinion (whether different from my own), and the encouragement to fill their lives with happiness and love for themselves to fullest extent

Let's live this crazy thing called Life together!