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"Don't just get the work done - get it done right the first time."


Engagement, family or wedding photos? I'm an aspiring photographer building up my portfolio & expanding my work in the Orlando, FL area.

Freelance/Ghost Writing

Need a freelance or ghost writer for your business or blog? Utilize my unique, honest writing style to help boost your brand!

Custom Design

Graphics & Stationary Design - get the most out of custom work to get exactly what you want for a flexible price. Contact me for a quote!


I'm currently an aspiring freelance photographer. It remains a strong hobby of mine, though I would love grow into a part-time solo business. For a limited time, to expand my portfolio, I am offering complimentary photography services to those in the Orlando, FL area. 

So whether you're looking for a photographer for engagement photos, photos to announce your recent pregnancy, graduation portraits, or family pictures - I have an eye for the beauty in photographs. Currently, I have no experience in weddings - being a solo photographer - but I am up for the challenge for small weddings for up to 50 people (depending on location)

Contact me for further questions and a quote.

Freelance/Ghost Writing

I have opened up the playing field to begin freelance and ghost writing work. After spending the last year writing/blogging myself, I have developed my brand and writing style, and feel that I can offer writing services to those who are looking to amp up their business/brand. 

Writing in relationships, recipes, pet care and beauty are my several strong suits - though I am fairly flexible in my writing niche as a Lifestyle blogger. 

Custom Design

I also do freelance design work for graphics and stationaries. Whether you need that uniquely designed logo for your business and brand, or are looking for custom wedding invitations. Rates are flexible and based on an up front quote. 

To check out a portfolio of custom stationaries, visit theMRSingLink Shop

Contact me for a quote.

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theMRSingLink Media Kit theMRSingLink Media Kit